Will Anthony Joshua Ever Be the Champion Fans Want Him to Be?

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Bizarre post-fight belt throwing and microphone commentary aside, Anthony Joshua gave fans more of what has plagued him both in his second consecutive loss to Olesksandr Usyk (20-0) on Saturday and at points in his career.

A fragile chin, poor stamina and dissipating boxing skills in the late rounds.

This was evident at one point in the 10th when Usyk was landing combos and Joshua was either flailing or simply eating punches.

Coming into the fight, Joshua possessed his usual chiseled frame, good looks and a big smile.

But by the 10th round, Joshua was noticeably winded. Long gone was his smile, replaced by uncertainty and floundering arms.

Unfortunately for Anthony Joshua and his fans, it’s part of the package.

Joshua’s power and presence have never been questioned. particularly in the early part of his career.

He ascended quickly up the ranks and was 18-0 with 18 KOs to start his career. He flashed a big smile and big power, vanquishing opponents early in the fight while packing arenas.

Then came the biggest fight of his career to that point- a bout with then-WBA Super World Heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko in the massive 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium in London.

Showtime jumped at the chance to show American boxing fans what the hype from the U.K. was all about.

It was a thrilling fight, with the two champions landing haymaker after haymaker.

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