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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men


One important area of men’s health and exercise that is not often discussed is pelvic floor exercises. Now, I know when you hear about these exercises, you might think they’re only for women’s health. But guess what? They actually have a bunch of benefits for men too! Pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role in various bodily functions, and keeping them strong can have a positive impact on overall well-being.

So, let’s dive into the surprising benefits of pelvic floor exercises for men and why men should seriously consider adding them to our fitness routines. 

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First up, we’ve got improved bladder control. Strong pelvic floor muscles provide support to the bladder and urethra, which is key for maintaining continence. As we age or undergo prostate surgery, many of us face challenges with urinary incontinence.

But fear not! Regular pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscles responsible for controlling the flow of urine. This means fewer embarrassing moments and enhanced bladder control. Now, let’s talk about something that affects many of us at some point—sexual function. Strong pelvic floor muscles can actually boost sexual performance. Yes, they help improve bedroom stamina and ability. These exercises contribute to better erectile function and can help prevent issues like erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED isn’t just an older man’s problem. Factors like increased steroid use, illnesses like diabetes, and certain medications can also cause sexual dysfunction. But with pelvic floor exercises, we can improve blood flow to the pelvic region, leading to stronger and longer-lasting erections. Plus, strong pelvic floor muscles can give us more intense orgasms and better control over ejaculation. 

Now, let’s address a condition that some of us might not even be aware of—pelvic organ prolapse. It’s more common in women, but men can experience it too. This happens when pelvic organs like the bladder, rectum, or prostate start to descend into the pelvic cavity due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Scary, right? But have no fear. Regular pelvic floor exercises can strengthen those muscles, providing better support for pelvic organs and reducing the risk of prolapse. So, by dedicating a little time to these exercises, we can keep our pelvic organs where they’re meant to be. 

Let’s not forget about chronic pelvic pain. It’s a real challenge that can seriously affect one’s quality of life. But guess what? Pelvic floor exercises can help relieve that discomfort. These exercises include relaxation and stretching techniques that release tension in the pelvic floor muscles, reducing pain and discomfort. And here’s a bonus—these exercises can also increase mobility not only in the pelvis but also in other joints, bringing us some much-needed relief. 

Now, here’s a perk that might surprise you: stronger pelvic floor muscles contribute to increased core stability. Strengthening these muscles doesn’t just give us toned abs; it also improves our overall posture and stability. A strong core acts as a solid foundation for movement, enhancing our athletic performance, reducing the risk of back pain and improving balance and coordination. So, let’s not neglect those pelvic floor exercises. They’re the secret to a robust and stable core.

Pelvic floor exercises offer a whole range of benefits for us men. From improved bladder control and sexual function to preventing pelvic organ prolapse and relieving chronic pelvic pain, these exercises are a game-changer. The best part? They’re easy to perform and can be seamlessly integrated into our fitness routines. Whether you’re an athlete looking to step up your game or just someone aiming for overall well-being, pelvic floor exercises should definitely be on your radar. It just takes a few minutes each day to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles and reap the phenomenal benefits to overall physical health.

Words by Kaba Abdul-Fattaah.

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