Monday Money Gripes

Here Are Some Money Habits People Have That Are Really Annoying

Knowing how much effort it takes to not only make money but to grow money, I get really pissed off when I see people disrespecting their money, disrespecting my money and just acting the fool when it comes to money.

Someone recently owed me money. They haven’t paid me back, despite promising to give it to me by the end of last month. I haven’t asked for it because if I lend money, I make sure it’s an amount that will allow me to still have pleasant feelings toward the person if they “forget” to pay me back.

Recently, I ran into the person who owed me and they said they had my money. They started fumbling through their pockets pulling out receipts and papers and crumpled bills. What should have taken 10 seconds, turned into an ordeal of searching multiple pockets and pulling out balled up bills that were either, too big or too small. The person then went to the oversized bag they were carrying for more of the same results. I had to put an end to the disaster and tell them to just give it to me another day because I didn’t want to miss my train.

Here is my list of money gripes (guess which one is first):

  • Money balled up in a pocket or a bag as if it had no value at all.
  • Being in line at a store and the person in front of you doesn’t know the balance on their credit or debit cards so they hold up the line as they try multiple cards to make the purchase.
  • Loaning someone a lump sum of money and getting it back in small increments.
  • The tip jar at the register of various stores that is not to be confused with the give a penny take a penny dish. What is that? I don’t have a tip jar at my desk.
  • The spend-y friend that talks you out of your budget by reminding you that “you only live once!”
  • The people that treat you bad because they owe you money!
  • The people that tell you every time they see you, “I know I owe you money” and they promise to pay you back, if it’s the last thing they do. Then they get a new car and you realize that getting your money back is really the last thing they will ever do.

Please let me know what gets under your skin when it comes to money and people.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.—Ayn Rand


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