Personal Capital Hack


To say that I’m attached to Personal Capital would be an understatement. I often check the app three or four times a day. Personal Capital took my finances to the next level the day I signed up. As soon as I plugged in my accounts, I was hooked.

I can see all of my banking, retirement and investment accounts (assets), all of my debt (liabilities) in one place and, whether I liked it or not, my net worth is right there in bold numbers appearing accurately at the top of the page. Ever since connecting to Personal Capital, my focus has been to increase my net worth every month. Before Personal Capital, I was detached from my net worth and my financial goals were vague.

A couple of months ago, the honeymoon with Personal Capital came to an end when one of my accounts stopped updating. I was used to updating issues lasting about 48 hours and I would take comfort seeing a little red dot appear next to the institution that didn’t update, because it meant the that I could re-enter my user name and password for an update to happen. It was annoying, but totally doable for someone with my kind of addiction to the site.

Then came the yellow dot that meant the problem was with the institution and that would take 24-48 hours for an update if I was lucky. Turned out, I wouldn’t be lucky; 48 hours turned into a week then a month. People that I had recommended the site to were also having issues with various institutions. Then I received a message that Treasury Direct was no longer going to allow account updates via outside institutions.

I began looking for alternatives to Personal Capital but none were half as good. So, I was relegated to the old excel spreadsheet for an accurate net worth. That’s what I have been doing for the last two months. Until, today! I’m happy to announce that I’ve managed to fix the issue by using what seems to be a new feature in Personal Capital that now allows for the manual entry of an account and its value without entering account numbers and passwords.

It was very easy to do. And just like that, my issue is solved. I deleted the original account and re-entered it manually. The only thing that sucks is the appearance of my net worth graph. But that will fix itself over the next three months. I know a bunch of people having the same issue with Personal Capital. I hope this helps.

I continue to use and recommend Personal Capital to bring my finances together. It has made all the difference in my wealth-building journey.

Here’s how to manually enter an account that is no longer updating for you in Personal Capital.

Web Application (
1. Log in to Personal Capital
2. Click on the ‘Link’ (+) icon on the sidebar.
3. Click on ‘Add Portfolio’
4. Enter the account name and the number (optional)
5. Click ‘Continue’ to save and add the account

iPhone /iPad Application:
1. Log in to the application.
2. Go to Net Worth page.
2. Scroll down to ‘Link More Accounts’ and select it
3. Click on ‘More’>’Manual Investment Holdings’
4. Enter the account name and the number (optional)
5. Click ‘Continue’ to save and add the account

1. Log in to the application.
2. Select “Menu” button or action bar.
3. Select “Link Account”
4. Click on ‘More’>’Manual Investment Holdings’
5. Enter the account name and the number (optional)
6. Click ‘Continue’ to save and add the account

Originally posted 2018-11-27 11:11:00.

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