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Magazine Series, ‘America in Black,’ to Air During Black History Month

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BET and CBS News recently announced the air date for their brand new newsmagazine series centered on telling the stories that matter to Black Americans.

Titled “America in Black,” the series will air during Black History Month, with the first episode set to debut on Feb. 19 at 10 P.M. ET on BET’s channel and the CBS News Streaming Network. Featuring a variety of Black pioneers as guests, the newsmagazine series will revolve around discussing topics important to the community by conducting investigative reports, profiles and interviews. 

Spanning the length of one-hour, the episodes are set to be hosted by CBS and BET journalists such as Ed Gordon, Gayle King, James Brown, Michelle Miller, Vladimir Duthiers, Marc Lamont-Hill and Danya Bacchus, amongst many others.

According to the creators, the series will focus on addressing issues that are currently impacting the Black community in the U.S. 

According to Connie Orlando, the EVP at BET, among the issues that are scheduled to be discussed is the censoring of Black history in the U.S. education system, such as the recent rejection of an AP African American studies course by Florida lawmakers. The use of lyrics in rap songs as evidence in trials will also be discussed in the series.

“CBS News is proud to partner with BET News on ‘America In Black’ and to explore the many issues affecting the African American community,” said the executive producer of CBS News’ streaming originals, Alvin Patrick, per Variety. “We will cover the complexity of the Black experience with compelling storytelling that has always been the hallmark of CBS News.” 

“The monthly newsmagazine format allows us the ability to report in depth on important stories that shape the culture of Black America,” he added.

“America In Black” is one of the many segments that are scheduled to air across channels in honor of Black History Month.

PBS already announced a variety of series and documentaries celebrating Black culture and stories. In addition to documentaries about Black trailblazers such as Zora Neale Hurston and Roberta Flack, they’ll also be airing “Fight The Power: How Hip Hop Change The World,” a series hosted by Chuck D. from Public Enemy that explores the genre’s influence 50 years after its creation.

ABC will also air a one-hour special presented by Emmy Award-winning “Soul of a Nation” about the success of Black entertainers in Las Vegas. Featuring artists like Mariah Carey, Smokey Robinson, Boys II Men and Janet Jackson, the special focuses on the history between the city and Black artists. Titled “Black in Vegas,” the documentary will span from the 1971 lawsuit filed by the NAACP that fought against discrimination in Las Vegas to the performances of Black musicians that are headliners there today.

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