Kirk’s #GoVeggies 31-Day Challenge, Day 15: Cheese is as Addictive as Drugs!


After years of working with clients, I’ve concluded that cheese is a highly addictive food! When most people come to me for help, losing weight is usually the primary objective. Aside from the negative aesthetics, excess weight also makes other conditions worse, such as diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol, so it’s a major concern. 

However, when I tell clients to give up dairy to help lose weight, I get unbelievable blowback and sometimes anger.

Just a few facts: Cheese is the second most fattening food we consume, with oil being number one. Dairy products are also some of the most allergenic foods we consume, causing mucus buildup, skin rashes and possibly triggering autoimmune diseases. 

Cheese is high in sodium, fat and chemical additives, which causes additional metabolic stress. To top it off, most of the world is lactose intolerant, so dairy products are obviously not meant for them. 

All of that should be enough to make it easy to give up dairy, especially cheese. But there’s one thing that may override all of those facts: Casein in cheese produces casomorphins.

Casomorphins are opioids, in the same family as heroin and opium. When casein is digested by the human body, casomorphins are produced that attach to the morphine receptors in the brain and brings delight and pleasure. Many of my clients have admitted being addicted to cheese and fast food chains reinforce their habits, of course, for profit. 

Do whatever if takes to wean yourself off cheese. You can get protein, calcium and abundant amounts of whatever nutrient you need from plant sources.

Originally posted 2020-05-15 10:00:00.

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