Kirk’s 31-Day “Go Veggies!” Challenge, Day 3: It’s All About the Fiber!


Everyone wants to talk about more protein and less carbs. How many diets are based on that belief (most of which are just flat-out bad)? Those types of diets basically feed into what most of us seem to want—more meat. But, more meat presents a problem: It has lots of protein and no fiber. 

The average American gets twice as much protein as recommended by the FDA and half as much fiber as recommended by the FDA (Increasing Fiber Intake). The more we focus on protein and meat, the less we focus on what we really need—more fiber!

Fiber is the magic nutrient for superior health and it’s best when it comes from a natural source. Over-the-counter fiber supplements are all over the marketplace because they market to people who want a quick fiber-fix. 

Essentially, they are saying you can eat your meat to your heart’s content, which contains no fiber, but follow it up with a fiber supplement and you’ll get everything you need.  Sadly, that approach isn’t working as 60-70 million Americans are battling constipation and other digestive diseases (Digestive Diseases Statistics for the United States).

The solution for America’s digestive woes is fiber from natural sources. Greater consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, combined with plenty of water, has worked for plenty of my clients. 

I’ve had clients who have had digestive problems for years—along with the medical bills to prove it—which cleared up within days with more natural fiber and water. Except for those whose intestines are compromised by inflammatory bowel disease (an autoimmune affliction), it appears to be a magical cure. 

But, it’s not magic, it’s just nature doing what it does!

Originally posted 2020-04-27 05:30:00.

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