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From Things For the Feet to a Cotton Swab Container

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This list of our Favorite Five includes the best socks in the history of feet and an item just in case those feet are odiferous. There’s also something to make any space smell amazing. One of my favorites on the list is very useful…the bottle-cleaning tablets. I drink tea every day out of a stainless steel container (see the list). The inside of that container started looking nasty with brown stains. I put it in the dishwasher and even tried scrubbing it, but the stains would not go away. I popped a tablet in my mug, which I filled with warm water and in less 30 minutes it was sparkling clean.

The Harlem Candle Company has an array of beautiful and wonderful smelling candles, including several for under $20. In fact, every item on the list is under $25.

Harlem Candle Company

My favorite is the Ellington. But every candle is unique and smells amazing. Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, these candles are hand-made and make great gifts. I travel with mine, making my hotel stay even more special. The travel candles are $15 and the votive candles are $20.


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