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Dwayne Haskins’ Family Files Civil Suit in Search of Truth of His Death


Almost a year to the day, Steelers’ quarterback Dwayne Haskins was killed after being struck by a truck in Florida. A year later, Haskins’ family, unconvinced that his death was a tragic accident, are taking steps to uncover the truth.

This past March, Haskins family attorney Rick Ellsley filed a civil lawsuit to uncover the truth about Haskins’ death, one his family believes isn’t as simple as was determined.

“As to what occurred in the hours before Dwayne was killed, many questions remain unanswered,” wrote Ellsley in a statement. “It is believed that Dwayne was targeted and drugged as part of a blackmail and robbery conspiracy. In fact, his highly-expensive watch was stolen from him shortly before his death.”

The family seeks to discover what really happened as they feel there’s more to the story, one that they allege involves blackmail and robbery, as evidenced by his missing watch.

“The filing of this lawsuit is an important step in the process of uncovering the complete truth about this tragedy. The civil justice system allows for subpoenas to be issued for critical documents and for sworn testimony to be taken of people who have knowledge about the events leading up to Dwayne’s death.”

Part of the lawsuit details the issues surrounding the dump truck that hit and killed Haskins. It maintains that the brakes and tires weren’t in working condition and that the driver failed to make the necessary repairs before driving it.

“This truck was going faster than the speed limit, carrying excessive cargo, had brake system problems, and was traveling on low tread tires with separated sidewalls,” read the suit.

The family also seeks to know whether the driver was impaired or on the phone when he hit Haskins.

“The truck driver’s cell phone records have not yet been disclosed,” the lawsuit states. “The report also notes that the driver refused to provide a blood sample to the police at the scene and still has not provided the alcohol test results.”

Haskins’ death was a tragedy but it might turn out to be something more. We will keep you updated.

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