Ime Udoka Could Help the Nets But It’s a Horrible Move No Matter What

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When Ime Udoka was suspended in September for violating team policies, we thought that it was the last time we would hear from him for at least a year.

Udoka’s inappropriate relationship with a Celtics staffer turned ugly and the Celtics acted decisively with his suspension.

Then the season began with Joe Mazzulla leading the Celtics and the team jumped out to a quick 3-0 record.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, things turned sour quickly the Nets, which started the season 1-6.

To his credit, Kevin Durant, who wanted to be traded this summer, is balling. Yet the rest of the team looks disinterested most of the time.

Then Kyrie Irving decided to unleash his annual moment of distraction and team destabalization, this time involving ignorance and antisemitism.

And that was the beginning of the end.

Not for Durant and Irving though.

No. The organization recognized the desperate need for change, so they “parted ways” with head coach Steve Nash on Tuesday. In all honesty, that wasn’t a surprise.

Afterward, fans began to wonder who would take over a 2-6 team mired in disfunction and listless play.

That’s when Ime Udoka’s name shockingly resurfaced as a potential candidate.

Udoka was an assistant with the Nets in the 2020-21 season, so the two do have history.

But after their horrible start to the season and Irving’s dance with ignorance, why would the team want to bring on an individual that would only throw gasoline on a rapidly intensifying fire?

The answer is simple- because winning is that important.

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