Dining with Purpose: Support These 12 Black-Owned Kitchen and Dinnerware Stores

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Dining is about creating memories and enjoying life’s pleasures. To make it easier to choose kitchen and dinnerware, we’ve compiled a list of 12 Black-owned stores offering stylish and practical products while supporting Black entrepreneurship. From upgrading your dining room to hosting dinner parties, these stores have everything you need to elevate your dining experience. Celebrate Black business owners and their creativity in kitchen and dinnerware.


54Kibo is a luxury African decor store with a tabletop section offering a variety of textiles, dinnerware and glassware

Middleton Made Knives

 A favorite of ours. We have featured the unique knives handcrafted by Quintin Middleton many times!

Estelle Colored Glass

Estelle Colored Glass is a luxury brand of hand-blown and specialty-made colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels.

Karibe Company

Karibe is a black home kitchenware store that sells a handful of kitchen items, including cast-iron skillets.

Reflektion Design

Reflecktion Design is another African home decor store that features a collection of tableware and kitchen accessories

Colorfull Plates

Colorfull Plate is children’s tableware and lifestyle company with diverse characters that portray children seeing themselves doing things they imagine.

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