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Countdown To Election Day

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The midterm elections are gearing up for a record turnout with the House of Representatives and the Senate up for grabs, as well as the historic governor races in Florida, Georgia and Maryland.

Stories of voters being disenfranchised, voting places being closed and millions of Americans being knocked off the voting rolls across the country, are a regular affair. There is still time to make an impact by registering people to vote (with the hashtag #10for2018) and making sure you are registered.

Go to UrbanViewVote.com or Vote.org and check your status.

Here are the deadlines to register:

TODAY:                      Virginia

OCTOBER 16:           D.C., Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, West Virginia

OCTOBER 17:           Massachusetts, Wisconsin

OCTOBER 19:           Nebraska

OCTOBER 22:           California, Alabama, South Dakota, Wyoming

OCTOBER 27:           Iowa

OCTOBER 29:           Colorado

OCTOBER 30:           Connecticut

OCTOBER 31:           Vermont

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