Bolivian Parliament Recommends Interim President Face Genocide Charges


Bolivia’s parliament has approved a motion recommending that the ex-interim president head to trial, where she will answer to genocide charges.

The far-right wing leader’s ministers will also face prosecution.

The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate approved a parliamentary report on the “massacres of Senkata, Sacaba and Yapacani, which recommends a judgment of responsibility against Jeanine Anez for genocide and other offenses,” the Senate’s Twitter account reads.

The parliamentary commission is controlled by the Movement for Socialism (MAS) party of ex-president Evo Morales.

Over the past few months, MAS has been investigating incidents in several regions of the country between October and November 2019, which left about 30 dead.

“This massacre… is part of a genocide that is happening in our beloved Bolivia,” Morales, the country’s first indigenous president, said at the time. He then headed to Twitter, where he pleaded with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to investigate the violence.

“I call on the IACHR (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) and the UN to condemn and stop this massacre of my indigenous brothers, who are simply asking for peace, democracy and respect for human life,” he tweeted.

The organization (known as the CIDH) later found that 35 people were killed in these incidents.

Earlier this week, a judge annulled the arrest warrant against Morales, allowing him to return to his home country. He fled Bolivia to Mexico City after resigning amidst the peak of the country’s civil unrest. The warrant was issued against Morales last year for charges of sedition and terrorism.

This month, his successor Luis Arce won the recent election by a landslide, returning power to the left-wing party.

Originally posted 2020-10-30 11:00:36.

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