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Bernadette Pleasant Launches Online Program to Unlearn Racism

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To kick off Black History Month, The Emotional Institute® has announced the launch of 400 Years, a 4-month online program to unlearn racism through the body, storytelling and deep listening.

Created by Bernadette Pleasant, the institute’s founder, the “transformative program will guide participants to understand how bias and racism have locked their bodies and how they have been trained to turn a blind eye to racial inequities.” The program will also “include an emotional tour of the effects of white privilege, internalized racism and oppression.”

Pleasant is an expert in health and wellness, somatic healing, sacred and sensual movement and grief facilitation.

“400 Years is a response to the awakening occurring right now in our country and on the planet,” said Bernadette Pleasant. “It’s time to come together and unlearn racism, through our body, storytelling and deep listening, so that we can heal the divide between races and stand united, for and with each other. We will also explore how to unlock racism from our bodies, by gently tending to our wounded spirit, ego, and privilege.”

The program features twice-monthly 90-minute group calls via Zoom facilitated by Pleasant. There will also be a private FB Group offering a safe and supportive place to connect with others dedicated to unlearning racism, fostering curiosity, listening and honest, insightful conversations.

“We can’t change or heal when we’re contracted in fear or shame,” Pleasant says in the press release. “We also can’t change our systems, let alone our personal lives, when our limbic system is so revved up that we can’t relax and make difficult and different decisions. That’s why I designed this program to include what I see missing in other trainings: our bodies and practices designed to calm our nervous systems and allow us to unlearn racism in a real, lasting way.”

The 400 Years Intro Class is available now and an 8-week course that will occur every other Thursday, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST, beginning March 18, 2021. For more information registration, visit 400 Years – The Emotional Institute.

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