Beet Juice

Beet and Celery Juice for HBP


One of my clients recently admitted himself to the hospital emergency room because of a rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure.

For a couple of days, he was suffering through it, but it finally got out of control where he felt he had no other choice but to admit himself. Over a 24-hour period, the doctors ran all kinds of tests but could find nothing out of the ordinary. He kept asking questions and never got any clear or definitive answers about what went wrong.

Finally, they sent home a frustrated man with a pat on the back and a bag of medications.

After a few days of taking the medications, my client decided to make some dietary changes. He ate meat and processed foods, but I’ve known worse diets than his. However, he was still extremely upset about the whole situation, so he decided to go plant-based. In particular, he incorporated beet and celery juice into his eating regimen.

Before you know it, after a day or two, he sends me a text one morning so excited because his blood pressure was normal, around 130 over 80, without the medications.

Of course, he was shocked by how his body responded, but these types of scenarios happen all the time. People get sick of or get sick because of their medications and decide a change must be made. In this case, beets have a high amount of nitrates, which convert to nitrous oxide in your body. Nitrous oxide helps to lower blood pressure.

Celery has a high amount of a phytonutrient called phthalides, which relaxes the tissued of the artery walls to allow more blood to flow through. Along with lowering your sodium intake, this may be the natural cure for high blood pressure you’ve been waiting for.

But there’s a problem: if you’re like me, you HATE beets! Not to worry—when I make my beet and celery juice, I put lots of lemon and ginger juice in it. It kills the taste of the beets enough so I can enjoy it.

We must keep in mind that most metabolic medications don’t solve problems, they just help you live with them. However, to heal yourself, you may need to invest in a juicer (mine cost less than 50 bucks) and run to the grocery store for some beets and celery juice!

Originally posted 2021-04-21 16:00:00.

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