Aaron Donald, Jaylen Brown Drop Kanye West’s Donda Sports

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The Kanye fallout continues, this time in the world of sports.

This evening, Rams All-Pro Aaron Donald and Celtics All-Star Jaylen Brown severed their ties with Kanye’s Donda Sports.

Both athletes took to Twitter to announce their decision after Kanye’s most recent Anti-Semitic comments.

“The recent comments and displays of hate and antisemitism are the exact opposite of how we choose to live our lives and raise our children,” Donald said in a statement. “We find them to be irresponsible and go against everything we believe in as a family.”

Brown, on the other hand, did a 360.

He originally said he would stay with Donda, but after the pressure became too much, he relented and joined Donald in the decision to cut ties.

“In the past 24 hours, I’ve been able to reflect and better understand how my previous statements lack clarity in expressing my stance against recent insensitive public remarks and actions. For that, I apologize,” Brown said in his Twitter statement. “And in this, I seek to be as clear as possible. I have always, and will always, continue to stand strongly against anti-Semitism, hate speech, misrepresentation, and oppressive rhetoric of any kind.”

This all comes on the heels of Adidas (finally) cutting ties with West on Tuesday.

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