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Aaron Donald’s Massive Contract Is Well Deserved

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Yesterday NFL fans were shocked when they learned of Aaron Donald’s massive new contract.

But in reality, they shouldn’t be as it’s a payday long overdue for true gridiron dominators.

Donald’s contract obliterated any discussion of his rumored retirement.

Over the next two seasons, the 3x Defensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl champion, who signed with Kanye West’s Donda Sports last week, will receive a guaranteed $65 million.

That’s a $40 million pay raise for one of the game’s most dominant forces.

It also, according to Ian Rapport, makes Donald the highest paid, non-quarterback in NFL history.

“I’m locked back in to go get us another ring. Why not?” Donald said in a video the team posted after announcing the deal. “At SoFi Stadium, getting chills thinking about it. Let’s go to work.”

Donald’s deal is astounding and deserving.

Over the last few seasons, Donald and the Steelers’ TJ Watt have been the two most disruptive, dominant defensive players in the league.

The Steelers rewarded the 26-year-old Watt, who won the DPOY last season (and should have won it the season prior as well), with a four-year, $112 million extension, of which $80 million was guaranteed.

Watt’s new annual salary of $28.003 million made him the league’s highest-paid defensive player.

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