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5 Things To Know About La Negrada

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La Negrada is the first fictional movie featuring an entirely Afro-Mexican cast. The film centers around two women, Juana and Magdalena, who are both married to the same man, Neri and live in the same community. Their way of life takes a turn when one of the wives becomes terminally ill. Perez-Solano uses the movie to raise awareness about colorism and the erasure of Black Mexicans within the community where darker-skinned natives of the country are not acknowledged solely because of the color of their skin.

Meet The Director

Jorge Pérez Solano wrote and directed La Negrada. A graduate of CUEC–UNAM, Perez-Solano majored in Direction and Screenwriting. Before La Negrada’s release, his most notable project to date was La Tirisia (Perpetual Sadness) which shed light on women in Mexico who abandon their children for the men in their lives. The movie earned him the Roger Ebert Award at the Chicago International Film Festival as well as The Golden Alexander to the Best Film at Thessaloniki IFF 2014.

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