With His First Million, Ja’Marr Chase Took Care of His Family


We’ve heard the stories about athletes going broke from spending on things they truly don’t need. But for Ja’Marr Chase, his family is not part of the latter.

The star receiver for the Bengals signed a four-year, $30.8 million deal with Cincinnati last season. His first big purchase was a Black Maserati.

But it wasn’t for himself though.

It was for his mother.

In an interview with GQ, Chase, the fifth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, described how his family came first, not him.

So after signing his contract, and receiving a $19.8 million bonus, he took his first million and took care of the most important people in his life.

First up was his mother who drove an Audi with a busted air conditioner.

“My pops came to me about it. She been having an Audi and the Audi was real bad,” said Chase. “The air stopped working in it, so she’s not about to try to ride around in no hot car. Gotta get her a car ASAP. “

And that car was a $65,000 black Maserati, which turned into an emotional moment for both of them.

“She was crying, like tears of joy,” he said. “That was good to see. She made me start crying.”

Next Chase paid off the roughly $100,000 remaining on his family’s home and followed that up by giving his siblings $15,000 a piece.

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