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What Happened to Keke Palmer in Vegas Did Not Stay in Vegas


The internet exploded on Wednesday as Keke Palmer gushed over Usher, as is expected from every Usher concert goer that is into fine men who’ve aged like Benjamin Button, can skate backward, wash clothes with their body parts and hit notes in a falsetto in whatever key that releases garage doors and spontaneously floods women’s basements. Well, the gushing was not what caused the internet uproar, it’s f-cking Usher, for god’s sake.

It was her boyfriend/baby daddy’s reaction to her “outfit,” which was a one-piece black bodysuit with a mesh covering and some cheeky action that I’ve seen more of at a public beach. He also took issue with the fact that she is a mother because mothers can have sex but not be sexy. The same boyfriend who has not only been on social media with his titties all out but also showcased the same mom body that he was essentially shaming her for showing. 

His ire-filled message also commented about how he wouldn’t want his wife to do certain things—his wife?! The one whom he has actually not even married. 

Many men want traditional women without being traditional men. If having a stay-at-home wife who handles the household chores while you work, you and she go to church every weekend, with your kids born after giving your virginities to each other under the watchful eye of the lord, is your thing, well then more of God’s power to you. But how often is that really the case? Why do men want to lead without the initiation of traditions and morals into a relationship of purity, why instill the traditions after the fact? Why is there so much of a greater expectation from a flaw-filled long-term reality than a much shorter courtship? 

I get it. Some traditions are not sustainable for most. Due to inflation and corporate greed, living off one salary alone is not generally feasible, but that does not stop traditional men from allowing their super delicate wives to work full-time jobs and shoulder most of the responsibilities at home as well.

Even in marriages that are egalitarian, women are found to do most of the housework.

Men get off work and go home. Women get off work, go home, and go back to work.  Once, a man tried to argue me down because I stated that if I ever got married that I would not change my last name. His supporting argument was tradition, and as he stood there with his wife and two daughters. He continued telling me how they had a quick marriage because she got pregnant within the first four months of their dating. What part of the tradition is that, playa? I mean, I’m glad that it worked out for them, but where were those traditions when you were shooting up her club and probably did not even know her favorite color yet? I am pretty sure you did not get her father’s blessing to do that. And again, when it comes to modesty, men do not want their wives dressing like the women they ogle. Please don’t look down on club clothes if that is what your girl was wearing when you met. 

Now, I’m all here for evolution. 

The things I’ve done at the commencement of my adulthood are not the things I am doing now, but that does not mean that I am going to dress like a nun to appease anyone. Our mothers being sexy is how most of us got here.

Maybe because it’s all a ruse, and I refuse to believe that the gender that has to be dragged to church every Sunday is the one that is sincerely the most concerned with purity, especially when almost 90% of Only Fans subscribers are married, and most subscribers are men.

In a world that caters to the desires of men, it’s easy to understand that their insecurities are also fostered by society. While a woman who is an unmarried breadwinner is still seen as someone who can’t be serenaded by an entertainer who does this very same thing every night, but men going to get a lap dance to blow off some steam is seen as par for the course, (and I want to make this clear, being the breadwinner should not give anyone more power in a relationship but how can we have tradition without being traditional). 

That’s the thing about traditions, though. People only care about them when they benefit from them.

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