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Tragic Talib Brothers Incident Shows How Keeping It Real Can Go Horribly Wrong

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Understand that I’m not trying to be funny or humorously connect the fatal shooting incident involving the Talib brothers to the Dave Chappelle skit.

Instead, I’m illustrating how an egotistical attitude can have deadly consequences.

The tragic event involving the Talib brothers and a youth football league coach in Texas is the latest example.

Initially, video surfaced of an argument at a game in Lancaster Community Park in Lancaster, TX that escalated quickly and ended in the shooting death of coach Mike Hickmon.

The shooter was eventually identified as Yaqub Talib, the older brother of former NFL player, Aqib Talib. Two days after the shooting, Yaqub surrendered himself at the Dallas County Jail on Monday and is now facing murder charges.

On Wednesday, a new video surfaced showing another angle of the confrontation.

Witnesses told Rebecca Lopez of WFAA that it was Aqib who actually started the fight.

Coach Heith Mayes witnessed what happened and told Lopez what he saw.

”He ran across the field and ran over on our sideline and got in the ref’s face,” said Mayes.

Witnesses said Aqib was upset about the referees.

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