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TheHub.News and Pressto Launch Partnership to Nurture Budding Journalists in Schools Worldwide

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Professor Karen Hunter and TheHub.News have partnered with Pressto to cultivate the talents of aspiring journalists from across the globe.

Pressto is “the first writing and micro-journalism platform for Kindergarten through Middle School.” The software teaches students across the globe to communicate more clearly and to process and interpret information in a wholesome way.

TheHub.News asked Pressto students to create a zine, explaining what Thanksgiving means to them and their families. Brooklyn resident Julian Muñoz’s amazing submission was selected to be highlighted on our platform.

You can view Julian’s zine here.

Pressto is currently working with several schools in the United States, Canada and Brazil.

As part of the collaboration, Hunter and TheHub.News have committed to gifting the Pressto software to five schools from around the diaspora. So far, we have already enlisted a school from St. James, Jamaica, and are close to securing our second school in Ghana.

TheHub.News will be assigning projects to students each month, publishing them here as well as in our special gallery on Pressto’s website.

“We are so excited to be working with Karen Hunter and Ayara and their team at The Hub — They are the creative force and inspiration behind the work that is to come from our partnership. We are thrilled to kick off with these Thanksgiving Presstos,” says Pressto Founder Daniel Stedman.

“For me, Thanksgiving means spending time with family. I was excited to read this first Thanksgiving Pressto from Julian in Brooklyn. Thanksgiving in his family is very different from mine – They serve tamales and a mouth watering dish called Torrejas, and they dance and sing karaoke!” he adds. “This comes from PS 172 in Brooklyn, the very first school to bring Pressto to its community, and we have learned a lot from the students at 172 and through working with Ms. Zutter, a 5th-grade teacher, and Principal Erika Gundersen. We’ve been able to make several changes that their students recommended, and we are thankful to be working with them.”

Happy Holidays, family!

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