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The Impact: Atlanta

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When you are scrolling on social media and see someone with thousands of followers who is selling products or promoting a business, that individual would be considered an influencer. For influencers like Ari Fletcher and Jayda Cheaves, being themselves has made them popular names and elevated their net worth. 

Although they are influencers, that doesn’t mean people who support them are getting a genuine look into who they are. However, BET+’s new series, The Impact: Atlanta, provides viewers with an inside look into the lives of several popular influencers living in Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has developed into a mecca for Black entertainers and professionals, but it is also home to influencers including Lakeyah, Dess Dior and Arrogant Tae.

The series introduces you to the real person behind the influencer personas. Lakeyah is an American rapper that was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in music. She is signed to Quality Control Music but lacks a support system since most of her family is back in Wisconsin.

Similarly to Lakeyah, Dess Dior is a rapper known for dating Future. Dess Dior is best friends with Jayda, who shares a son with Lil Baby. The duo wanted to show the world that they are talented young entrepreneurs with success that is not tied to the men they date. There are no appearances from Lil Baby or Future but viewers do get to see Jayda’s son, Loyal.

The other best friend pairing on the show is celebrity hairstylist, Arrogant Tae and Ari Fletcher. Tae rose to popularity by providing his services to clients including Lala Anthony, the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj. The other half of the duo, Ari, received her start working in the club scene before having a child with Chicago rapper, G-Herbo. 

Despite the cast being filled with top social media influencers, the show does not have the typical amount of reality television drama. This season did not include any hair-pulling or fights,  instead, viewers were able to see how this bunch is influencing their way into empires. 

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