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    August 2018 Net Worth Update

    Would someone please tell me where August went? I think that when you track your finances as closely as I do time goes by a lot faster. And I’m not sure I like living in a realm where the months fly by at quantum speed. Anyway, I hope everyone dug deep this month to pay […] More

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    July 2018 Net Worth Update

    I prematurely provided a net worth update last week because I was so excited about crossing the $50,000 milestone. But my excitement had little to do with the amount that I saved and more to do with the confirmation that I was now halfway toward one of the biggest, if not the biggest milestone of FIRE […] More

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    The $50,000 Milestone

    It took a year and seven months for me grow to a $50,000 net worth. Having reached this net worth milestone, which only includes retirement savings, cash, stocks and bonds, I can honestly say the journey has been fun. When I started, I didn’t really know where to start. I didn’t know if I’d be […] More

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    June 2018 Net Worth Update

    June was a bumpy ride for the markets but I didn’t flinch once during the drop. Personally, I was down $500 plus across my accounts when I finally decided to stop looking. We were due for a down market. I expected it. But June wasn’t all grim because despite the rough market, June is also […] More