Shuan King's "A Real One" dropping

Shaun King Aims to Prove He’s ‘A Real One’ With Launch of New Clothing Line


You can’t keep a good man down. And Shaun King intends to prove precisely that next month when he launches his brand new clothing line, “A Real One.”

“This is just for you. Only selling them here to our private community,” he says of the clothing line per NewsOne.

A screenshot of King informing followers of his upcoming fashion release has been circulating on the internet.

In the post, King writes:

“On September 8th I am launching a brand new fashion company I’ve been working on for over a year. Click the LINK IN MY BIO to be notified first when our limited t-shirts and hoodies are available.”

King deleted his Twitter account and set his Instagram account to private after several news outlets published his New Jersey home –fueling speculation about the activist’s sources of income.

King announced that his family would be moving from their dream home following the backlash, citing safety reasons.

“I’m equal parts heartbroken and furious,” King wrote on Instagram, pointing the finger of blame firmly at Fox and NY Post.

“My wife bought this home, her first, after working her a– off for 20+ years. It took nearly a year to even be able to purchase it,” King explained. “It was a quiet and peaceful refuge for her, for our 5 kids, for the dogs, and for our mothers. And it wasn’t excessive. Again, she got a literal FHA loan to purchase it. I’m not even on the loan.”

Despite King releasing detailed itemizations of how the fruits of his fundraising efforts have been diligently distributed, Black Twitter simply isn’t buying what he’s selling.

He’s now hoping they’ll buy his t-shirts.

“A Real One” will be out on Sept. 8.

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