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Scoot Henderson’s Biggest Motivator Is His Sister, Moochie


Sterling “Scoot” Henderson was one of the top prospects at this year’s NBA Draft and many thought he would go second overall behind Victor Wendbanyama, who was going to the Spurs with the first overall pick.

But Charlotte ended up taking Brandon Miller with the second pick. That enabled Portland to select Henderson, the G League Ignite star, with the third overall pick.

It was a celebratory moment for Trailblazers’ management as they felt Scoot would be a star.

“I would say we made the biggest move possible by drafting Scoot Henderson,” said Portland GM Joe Cronin via Jason Quick of The Athletic. “He’s going to be better than any player that would maybe be perceived as that big move. And then you start to factor in other things that matter in this league — the salary cap, (Henderson) on a rookie scale — that allows us to build a lot more depth than we would have been able to otherwise.”

But the selection also immediately led to questions about the future of Portland’s superstar and fan favorite, Dame Lillard.

While the answer is pending, Portland’s selection had Portland fans scouring the internet for more information on Scoot.

Henderson was a much-heralded recruit who, after his junior year, chose to complete his high school requirements 1.5 years early so he could join Ignite in 2021 at the age of 17.

In his first season, Henderson averaged 14.3 points and 4.2 assists in 21 games. In his second season, his averages increased to 17.6 and 6.5, respectively.

Those stats bode well for Scoot’s NBA future. But one of the most interesting stories about Henderson is his relationship with his younger sister, Crystal ‘Moochie’ Henderson.

The two are the youngest of the seven Henderson children, and Scoot calls her “the best shooter in the family.”

No wonder she wears Curry’s number 30.

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