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Saweetie’s Icy Baby Foundation Announces Youth Financial Literacy Program

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West coast rapper, Saweetie, announced that her nonprofit, Icy Baby Foundation will be launching a financial literacy program for youth. Participants are expected to learn how money works, budgeting, investing and more.

The six-week program is expected to kick off in January of 2023. The Icy Baby Foundation aims to provide assistance to youth with focus areas consisting of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and technology training. The foundation serves students in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and Las Vegas. Students who are 7 to 17 years old are eligible to participate in the financial literacy program.

Within the six weeks, participants will complete a 45-minute to 1-hour workshop once per week and receive a free “GoalSetter” debit card. After each workshop, additional funds will be added to their individual cards. Students will also get a 1-year membership to the GoalSetter app. The foundation partnered with GoalSetter to help close the racial wealth gap and give youth in underserved communities the knowledge and tools to gain financial freedom. Once students complete the course, they will be able to participate in an online graduation to celebrate the accomplishment and what they learned throughout the six weeks. 

The rapper noted the importance of watering the minds of the future in a video addressed to attendees at an Icy Baby Foundation event. Saweetie launched the program with her grandmother, Roxane Harper, who also provided remarks at the event. Attendees enjoyed food, music, gifts and prizes while getting a preview of what the course will offer. 

More events are expected to take place in Oakland and Las Vegas ahead of the official start of the program. Students can be signed up for the program by filling out the form available on the Icy Baby Foundation website.

Saweetie plans to continue using the foundation and resources “to financially empower young children and students, especially in Black and Brown communities.” 

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