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Racism Returns to HS Basketball, This Time in Wisconsin

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We hate writing about these stories, but unfortunately, racism seems to keep popping up at high school basketball games across the country.

The latest incident took place at a boy’s basketball game in Wisconsin between Muskego High School and Beloit Memorial High School in Muskego, WI, last Friday night.

According to Kendall Keys of WISN 12 News, when Beloit players entered the locker room, they found swastikas, the N-word and the word “monkey” written in the dust on the lockers.

Tanya Karl, whose son plays for Beloit, called it exactly what it is. Racism.

“It was obvious racism,” said Karl in an interview with WISN 12. “It was obvious that they were trying to intimidate our boys by making them feel smaller. It was appalling that my kid in the locker room — the stuff that was written there, the words they were saying, the chanting they were doing, the monkey sounds they were making.”

But the behavior went beyond the locker room. Some boys from Muskego could be seen standing on the floor in the gym wearing ski masks and Black tank tops in, according to Karl, another attempted display of intimidation and racism.

“This is 2023. They were chanting the N-word and ‘monkey,’ and they were making monkey noises,” she said.

Muskego High School released a statement in response to the incident.

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