Olympian Noah Lyles Reveals Emotional Struggles Off The Track


Noah Lyles was one of the fastest men in the world this year.

While he failed to make the Olympic team in the 100m, he ran the fastest time in the world in the 200m at the US Olympic Track and Field Trials in June. His 19.74 made him the Olympic favorite in Tokyo.

“I don’t think anybody can prepare you for the lion you have to slay at the Olympic trials,” said Lyles after qualifying for the Games. “This is the hardest team to make and everybody here shows it.”

But when the 200m final in Tokyo was completed, Lyles finished in third and won bronze. Ironically, his time was 19.74 again.

He celebrated and paraded around the track with teammate and silver medalist Kenny Bednarek (19.68), American flags wrapped around them.

Despite kneeling and thanking God with his big smile, Lyles wasn’t feeling it inside.

Lyles, you see, suffers from depression.

He’s struggled with mental health for most of his life. And after a year spent in the pandemic lockdown and watching the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests, it became too much for the young sprinter.

He started taking antidepressants last summer and had to cycle off them as they affected his training.

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