Nico Ali Walsh, Like His Grandfather Muhammad Ali, Wins His Pro Boxing Debut


On October 29th, 1960, a young Cassius Clay made his pro boxing debut in his hometown of Louisville and earned a unanimous decision over Tunney Hunsaker. This past weekend, Nico Ali Walsh donned the boxing trunks of his famous grandfather, Muhammad Ali, and did the same thing in Tulsa.

Only he won by TKO.

Five years after Ali’s passing, his grandson entered the world of pro boxing and knocked down his opponent, Jordan Weeks. Moments later, the referee called the fight and the fans chanted the name known around the world.

“Ali! Ali!”

Nico is the 21-year-old son of Robert Walsh and Rasheda Ali Walsh, daughter of the boxing legend.

Ali Walsh represents the third generation of Ali boxing. It was started by “The Greatest” and followed by his other daughter, Laila. Now it’s Nico’s turn.

“This lived up completely to my expectations,” said Ali Walsh. “It’s been an emotional journey, this whole ride, these last couple of months.”

Hearing him talk, you could tell the moment was an emotional one for him.

“Obviously, my grandfather, I’m thinking about him so much. I miss him,” said Ali Walsh. “It’s just an emotional journey, and thank you to Jordan Weeks and his people. Tough, tough kid. I think me and him made a little bit of history tonight.”

Wearing the trunks his grandfather gave the middleweight fighter additional motivation, but it was a special, one-time-only moment for the UNLV student.

“I’m never wearing these trunks again,” he said.

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