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Nick Saban Got a Massive New Deal and NIL Haters Went Silent

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Nick Saban is, undisputably, the most powerful coach in college football.

As such, you would expect his paycheck to match his status, which it has.

Previously, he was the sport’s highest-paid coach, raking in $9.5 million annually through a contract that ran through 2028. The contract, ladened with incentives, also included a $400,000 kicker for each year that he remained at Alabama through the term of the deal.

Then in August, SEC rival Georgia gave Kirby Smart a massive $112.5 million extension that put Smart under contract with the Bulldogs through 2031.

That contract, which pays him a base salary of $10.25 million this season, made him the highest-paid college football coach in the country.

That lasted for a hot minute as Saban and the Crimson Tide refused to allow Georgia to beat them again.

So on Tuesday, Alabama gave Saban a one-year extension that blew away the competition.

The massive new deal increases his 2022 base salary to $10.7 million and will pay him a whopping $12.395 million in 2029, the final year of the new deal when Saban will be 79 years old.

That increases his average annual salary to $11.7 million and puts him back on top of Smart.

These are mind-numbing numbers in a sport that continues to reap big paydays.

Just ask Kevin Warren and the Big Ten.

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