Ndabezitha: A South African Businessman Who Planted a Blossoming Global Dream in America


Vusimuzi Mbatha Ndabezitha is a South African businessman and founder of Dungeon LLC, a start-up logistics company in the renewable energy and conservation space–serving the greater Northeast Connecticut.

He has been in the United States for the past fifteen years, but the question of his status has been the shackle that holds him down and chips away at the wings of opportunity to soar high.  

Long before he started his own business, Vusimuzi was working for Sebonack Golf Glub in Southampton, New York, and soon after as a personal assistant to late retired businessman Eric Vaule. From being side by side during the MET museum appraisals to silent auctions and antique Porsche test drives and his first auto business, he’s spent the past 10 years relentlessly weaving together his innovative ideas with the vast opportunities America presents. Entrepreneurship has now brought him into the world of renewable energy where he pushes for the inclusion of Black and Brown economic, environmental and academic access.  

“I’m going to save the world, but first we’ll need Congress to deliver on that $1.75 trillion Build Back Better clean energy and social recovery bill. The myriad budget lines in the Build Back Better bill are indeed connected, and they all come together in my life.”

Build Back Better could provide a direct pathway to citizenship through registry for immigrant business owners like Vusimuzi.

According to Pew Research Center, renewable energy deployment can yield numerous benefits to people and the environment. A clear majority of Americans support accelerating the development of renewable energy technologies, demonstrating their eagerness to welcome the public health benefits and jobs that this growing sector can generate. 

“Vusimuzi is a Black immigrant fighting his way into the renewable energy world and creating employment for Americans. The fact that he has to fight for his citizenship is a slap in the face to his team that relies on his business success,” said Derrick Clark, Dungeon Driver Operations Lead.

“Vusimuzi has opened my eyes to the green industry and brought a lot of guys in the area into logistics for the first time. As an all-Black team new to this industry, we are excited for the future. Him having to fight for citizenship is delaying progress. He earned it already,” Jonathan Oliver, Dungeon Field Operations Lead, added.

In the U.S., Vusimuzi planted and cultivated his dream of saving the planet through renewable energy and conservation—now he fights for his right to stay. 

“Millions of immigrants, like myself, have invested our all in this country and we are past due for a return on investment. You can’t build back better without front line workers. Without logistics. Without renewable resources. We are the engine.”

Read Vusimuzi Mbatha Ndabezitha’s op-ed titled The USA’s $1.75 Trillion Promise to Me here and share widely. 

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