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Nancy Pelosi Says Kamala Doesn’t “Do That Much” As VP


Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi has sparked debate after her recent comments about Vice President Kamala Harris went viral.

During an interview on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Pelosi sang Harris’ praises but stopped short of confirming whether she felt Harris was the suitable running mate for President Joe Biden.

“He thinks so, and that’s what matters,” she said. “And, by the way. She’s very politically astute. I don’t think people give her enough credit. She’s, of course, values-based, consistent with the president’s values and the rest,” she added.

Pelosi continued to exalt Harris but admitted that there is sometimes little to do as VP.

“She’s the vice president of the United States. People say to me, ‘Well, why isn’t she doing this or that?’ I say, ‘Because she’s the vice president.’ That’s the job description. You don’t do that much. You know, you, you’re a source of strength, inspiration, intellectual resource. I think she’s represented our country very well at home and abroad,” she added.

In 2020, Harris made history when she became the first woman, first Black person and first person of Asian descent elected to the country’s second-highest office.

“People shouldn’t underestimate what Kamala Harris brings to the table,” Pelosi continued. “People don’t understand. She’s politically astute. Why would she be vice president if she were not? But when she was running for attorney general in California, she had 6% in the polls – 6% in the polls. And she politically astutely made her case about why she would be good, did her politics, and became attorney general.”

Some have called for Harris to be kicked off the ticket. Not everybody agrees.

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn defended Harris in his interview with the news outlet.

“I think that Kamala Harris has done a great job,” said Clyburn. “People want her in her … first two years to be the kind of vice president Joe Biden was in his sixth and seventh years of his vice presidency,” Clyburn continued. “Everybody gets a learning curve in this business.” Clyburn also added that Harris “should not be held responsible for her gender or her race. Too much of that is involved in these discussions.”

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