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Joe Cunningham Shares His Vision for South Carolina

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This week, former Congressman Joe Cunningham won the Democratic primary for governor in South Carolina.

The results mean that Cunningham will face incumbent Republican Gov. Henry McMaster in November. The state has not had a Democratic governor in 25 years.

Cunningham appeared as a guest on “The Karen Hunter Show,” where he revealed the first three things he would do if he were elected governor.

“Number one, expand Medicaid. And that can be done unilaterally with the governor. Not with the help from legislature. I can expand Medicaid unilaterally,” he told Hunter.

“Secondly, I want to pay teachers more. I’m a proud father. [I am the father of a] four-year-old boy. I went to public school. He’s going to go to public school. I want him to have good quality education. And it’s not just about paying teachers more, but it’s also making sure they’re safe when going to school. Karen, I don’t want to have to buy a bulletproof backpack. Or think about bulletproof doors at school,” he said, referencing the recent spate of school shootings.

Cunningham says that South Carolina has a big issue when it comes to gun crime.

“And we’ve got real problems here in South Carolina. We have the highest crime rate we’ve ever had here. We had a shooting at a T-ball game. And you see little kids… they’re ducking and running for cover. And you can’t help but think, ‘It could be my son or my daughter, my grandson or granddaughter.'”

Cunningham cites not only his ideas but his youth as one of the reasons he feels confident he can unseat McMaster. He is 40. McMaster is 75.

“McMaster is the governor of the past. I’m running to be the governor of the future,” Cunningham said at his victory party.

The race continues…

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