The L.A. Odell Beckham Blame Game Begins


It took all of one Monday Night Football game for the criminalization of L.A. Odell Beckham to start.

It was more than expected to happen as that seems to be par for the course for the talented receiver regardless of the situation.

Forget the fact that he only signed with the Rams last Thursday, November 11th.

Ignore that he barely had a full practice with the offense.

And definitely don’t remember all of the blame, drama, pressure and criticism he had to endure this season while still with the Browns.

It’s a practice some employed when trying to hype up, vindicate, and, in some ways excuse, Baker Mayfield. Actions that villainized Beckham in the process.

Instead, let’s all pile on the talented yet oft-blamed receiver for the Rams shocking loss to the 49ers on Monday night in San Francisco.

The much-heralded defense couldn’t stop Deebo Samuel, but by all means, aim for Beckham’s neck.

By being targeted three times and catching two passes for 18 yards, he is solely to blame for the team’s beatdown.

Beckham barely played, much less received quality practice time with the Rams, so we didn’t expect much.

Yet apparently much was expected by fans and the media, resulting in the blame game being played at his expense once again.

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