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It’s NFL Draft Week, So It’s Black QB Hater Time

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It’s NFL Draft week and that means two things- one, no one knows who’s going to be selected first and two, Black QB haters are in full effect.

Doubting of Black quarterbacks is like clockwork. Every March and April speculation, admiration and evaluation arises and then the disparagement and hate flood in.

It’s an annual right of passage for media personalities.

Remember Bill Polian’s horrendous analysis of then-Louisville Cardinals star, Lamar Jackson, in 2018?

“I think wide receiver,” responded Polian when asked about where Jackson should play. “Exceptional athlete, exceptional ability to make you miss, exceptional acceleration, exceptional instinct with the ball in his hand, and that’s rare for wide receivers. That’s [Steelers wideout Antonio Brown] and who else, name me another one who’s like that, right? Julio [Jones] is not like that. This guy is incredible in the open field and [has] a great ability to separate and, again, he’s short and a little bit slight and clearly, clearly not the thrower that the other guys are.

“His accuracy isn’t there, so I would say, don’t wait to make that change, don’t be like the kid from Ohio State [Terrelle Pryor] and be 29 when you make the change.”

Mind you, over his final two seasons in Louisville, Jackson threw for over 7,200 yards with 57 TDs and 19 INTs and completed roughly 57% of his passes. He also rushed for over 3,100 yards and 39 TDs.

Or how about Dan Orlovsky and Chris Mortensen both shunning Justin Fields because of his alleged poor work ethic and bad throwing mechanics.

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