Memphis Basketball Charged With Multiple Violations But Avoid Postseason Ban

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Years after the investigation first began into his program, Memphis Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway can finally breathe a little easier.

That’s because the NCAA’s long-running look into his program is finally over and the punishments have been handed down.

Earlier this week, Memphis was charged with committing multiple Level II and Level III NCAA violations. It’s a relief for the entire program as any serious penalties, including a suspension for Penny and/or a postseason ban for the team, were avoided.

Instead, Memphis was fined $5,000, hit with three years probation and the team will have to vacate two wins from the 2019-20 season. Those two games are ones that former star center, James Wiseman, played in.

“We have finally arrived at the end of an extremely challenging period, and I could not be more grateful,” said Hardaway in a statement. “I would like to thank our players and their families, as well as our coaches and our support staff, for continuing to focus on what we could control as this process lingered.

“Believe me, none of this was easy, but this group always had faith.”

The crux of the investigation revolved around Wiseman.

The former Tigers center played in two additional games that season before being told to sit out for the next 11 games. Ultimately, he withdrew from school and prepared for the NBA Draft.

Wiseman played in two more games for the Tigers that season before being ordered to sit out the next 11 contests. Wiseman then avoided any additional suspension by withdrawing from school and preparing for the NBA Draft.

Ultimately, he was selected by the Warriors with the second overall pick in 2020.

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