Is Lacrosse the Next Big Sport for Jamaica?


Hearing about a Jamaican sprinting down the track isn’t the least bit surprising, for track and field is the country’s premier sport.

But what if you were to hear about a Jamaican sprinting down the field to the crease while cradling?

If you’re stupified, you’re not alone, for those are lacrosse terms, and if things continue the way they’re going, lacrosse might just be the next big thing for Jamaica.

Hearing that lacrosse exists and is growing in Jamaica is a surprise. But once you learn about the skills lacrosse requires, the surprise is dampened.

You must be able to run, sprint, pass and catch. Those are skills used in other popular sports in Jamaica such as track, soccer and cricket.

Putting them all together in a single sport in Jamaica might shock some, but it really shouldn’t. After all, there was a Jamaican Olympic bobsled team and an Olympic skier. And did you know Jamaica had an ice hockey team?

Yeah mon.

Not only do they have a team but they’re pretty good. And through the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation (JOIHF), the team is trying to raise money to build a rink in the country and is attempting to qualify for the 2026 Winter Games in Italy.

So Jamaica has established a habit of breaking stereotypes to compete in sports historically foreign to the island.

And you know Jamaican athletes bring their own style and culture to the game regardless of the field of play.

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