Gabriel Adkins

Gabriel Adkins Protested Andrew Brown Jr.’s Shooting, So Police Urinated on His Property


Elizabeth City councilman Gabriel Adkins, who spoke out against the police killing of Andrew Brown Jr., says that a police deputy urinated on his property.

Adkins says he has the surveillance footage to prove it.

Adkins, who is Black, said a uniformed deputy or deputies came to his business on Friday and Saturday night, urinating on his funeral home business in direct view of his security cameras.

Adkins says the lewd behavior is retaliation against him speaking out.

“Since this case with Andrew Brown, I’ve been out protesting,” Adkins told The News & Observer. “I really feel like they are retaliating back against me. Maybe they didn’t know I had surveillance, but it’s a funeral home.”

Brown, 42, was shot and killed on April 21 when Pasquotank County deputies arrived at his home to serve search and arrest warrants.

Attorney’s for Brown’s say police bodycam footage proves he was “ambushed.”

“We counted approximately six, if not more, bullet holes in the side of his car … and we were able to see a number of shots, approximately six, at least, in the back windshield. At no point — let me be very clear — at no point did we see Mr. Brown pose a threat to the law enforcement officers that were there,” attorney Chance Lynch told reporters last week.

“You could see that he was not a threat. There was a shot fired. When the shot was fired, he put the car in reverse, putting several feet, if not yards, away from the police who were there. He turned his wheel to the left, to turn it away from the law enforcement officers,” he said. “At no point did we ever see any police officers behind his vehicle. At no point did we ever see Mr. Brown make contact with law enforcement.”

The councilman now says that he fears for his own life.

“I’m just getting real worried I might be the next target, or they’re trying to set me up,” Adkins said. “On top of it being a crime.”

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