For Lamar Jackson, Yesterday’s Price Is Definitely Not Today’s Price

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On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the fourth quarter, the Baltimore Ravens defense forgot about Tyreek Hill and spoiled an electrifying performance from their star quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

He went 21-29 for 318 yards and 3 TDs. He also rushed for 119 yards and 1 TD on only nine attempts. That’s a ridiculous rushing average of 13.2 yards per carry.

Lamar did everything we all knew he could and made history in the process.

First, he broke Michael Vick’s 100-yard rushing games by a quarterback with his 11th 100-yard game. Vick accomplished the previous record of 10 games in 13 NFL seasons.

Lamar did it only two games into his fifth season.

Then he became the first player in NFL history with both a 75-yard TD pass and a 75-yard TD run in a single game.

Not the first quarterback. No, the first NFL player ever.

Despite Lamar doing everything he could, except play defensive back, to win, Miami QB Tua Tagovailoa took the shine by throwing for 469 yards and 6 TDs, including 3 in the fourth quarter, propelling the Dolphins to a come-from-behind victory on the road.

But that wasn’t Lamar’s fault.

He put up big numbers and, once again, dismissed the accusations that he can’t throw.

His pinpoint passes resulted in a short TD to Mark Andrews, a beautiful TD to Demarcus Robinson placed perfectly between two defenders and a short pass to Rashad Bateman who took it 75 yards to the house.

Lamar silenced the doubters who said he couldn’t pass and, for two weeks, has quelled the rumblings over him not utilizing an agent.

Yet so far, Lamar has proven to be his strongest and best representation.

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