David Culley Faces the Perfect Storm, a Familiar Role for Many Black NFL Head Coaches


New Texans head coach David Culley is facing the football version of the perfect storm.

His team is ranked last in the NFL Power Rankings and drama reigns across the organization.

Yet this isn’t of his doing.

Culley, the only Black head coach hired during the offseason, helms a downward spiraling franchise.

Everyone knows it, including Culley.

JJ Watt is gone.

Deshaun Watson faces sexual assault and misconduct charges and could be suspended or traded.

The team traded defensive end, Shaq Lawson, to the Jets on Sunday and outside of Watson, the franchise lacks star power and a recognizable leader.

This is the situation David Culley faces before the season starts in two weeks.

Unfortunately for many Black NFL head coaches, it’s a familiar position.

The Cleanup Man Role of Black NFL Head Coaches

Black NFL head coaches helm the ship during vicious storms, navigating it through punishing waves. When it finally starts to righten, white coaches are brought in to reap the benefits.

And more times than not, those Black coaches aren’t given a second opportunity to captain another ship.

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