Colin Kaepernick Settles

Collusion Settlement Could Be Worth Up To $80 Mil For Kaep and Eric Reid

Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid from Twitter

The legal battle between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL is over after both sides announced they reached a settlement.

Lawyers representing Kaepernick and Panthers Safety Eric Reid released a joint statement with the league saying the parties “decided to resolve the pending grievances.” The terms of the settlement are undisclosed—with both sides citing a confidentiality agreement attached to the settlement. But according to NFL columnist Mike Freeman, NFL teams are speculating the league is paying Kaepernick “in the $60 to $80 million range.”

The final hearings in the collusion case were reportedly set to take place later this month.

Kaepernick and Reid took the NFL to court over claims they were blackballed for protesting racial injustice and police brutality during the national anthem. Both men were the first players to kneel during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Kaepernick, who last played for the San Francisco 49ers in 2016, has not been signed by an NFL team since hitting free agency in 2017.

Reid went unsigned for seven months in 2018 before being picked up by Carolina. After starting 13 games, the team signed Reid to a three-year extension reportedly worth $22 million.

The NFL Player’s Association said it supported the decision by the players and says it hopes Kaepernick gets another “opportunity” in the league.

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