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Chrisean Rock and Blueface Are a Wreck

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Whenever there is a car accident on a major highway, there is bound to be a ridiculous amount of traffic. Most times, that traffic is not from the rescue vehicles or the obstruction of the road but rather from the rubberneckers trying to get a good glimpse of the gore. I hate to say it, but society has an infatuation with destruction and reality shows are just an extension of that desire. There are entire franchises of tv shows dedicated to groups of rich, upper-class women who dislike each other. Do not let a self-aggrandizing social media meme fool you, we do like drama, and Blueface and Chrisean give us more than we could ever ask for.

Blueface Bleedem, a 26-year-old rapper whose most popular song to date, debuted almost four years ago to the day and reached #8. The song has been the height of his musical success so far, but he has not stayed out of the spotlight, thanks to his very public relationship with a 22-year-old woman named Chrisean Rock. The on-again-off-again couple has been linked since 2020 when the two met on his OnlyFans reality show, “Blue Girls Club,” a show that combined the physical violence of the “Bad Girls Club,” and the ridiculous pursuit of romance á la “Flavor of Love.” On the show, Chrisean was not only introduced to the world but led to her current tattooed and toothless appearance today. Their relationship is so toxic, you almost forget how much has happened between the couple. 

The couple survives off Hennessey, pizza and bellicosity.

There have been multiple incidents of very public domestic violence between the two, not to mention the also very public violence the couple has had with each side of their families. 

Chrisean is currently pregnant, which has complicated the already volatile relationship. Just six days ago, Blueface claimed that he was not the father of her baby; while she wished her baby daddy, we are assuming it was him, a happy birthday on the same day. Blueface continued that the baby was not his because, according to him, she had messed with 10 men within the past year, a claim which she denies. Also, within the last year, Blueface has had a child with Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his son. This is the same Jaidyn Alexis that got into a physical altercation with Chrisean Rock that caused her now brand-affirming toothlessness. 

How Chrisean handled the news of that child being born was documented on a series of several spiraling Instagram Lives, where she chased her troubles with chugs of Hennessey. Those of us who watched championed her survival by any means. We found her cute and endearing, and so we excused her excessive drinking as a temporary fix to a permanently broken situation. Instead of turning away, we tuned in more.

We used her facial expressions as memes. Leaving him would be too easy. Would be too right. Would be too boring for us. There have been multiple internet arguments between Rock and Alexis as well, with Blueface defending the mother of his child, which I’m sure did not sit well with Chrisean, who claimed to have had multiple abortions from pregnancies with Blueface, abortions which he insisted upon. Chrisean posted the news of her pregnancy on Instagram, where she seemed genuinely excited to keep the baby. But a part of me, a woman who survived a toxic relationship in her early twenties, including a pregnancy that was not mine, wonders if this is just Chrisean feeling that once they have a child together, he will automatically have a respect for her that he currently does not have. As if having children by someone has ever caused them to immediately respect you. Additionally, her pregnancy has not kept her from being physically violent with other people.

Within the past year, Chrisean and Blue have gone on to do several interviews and now have a show on the Zeus network about their extremely troubled relationship. Their show, titled “Crazy in Love,” is the most popular show on the channel.  Six of the shows in the channel’s top ten are all reality shows that, whether they condone it or not, are known for fighting castmates. 

What does it say about us when we willingly ingest people arguing or being physically violent with each other as a form of regular entertainment, as something we purposely digest?

Chrisean, who was the youngest of 11 children, born to an addicted mother and incarcerated father, won our hearts with her bubbly personality and really is the one who put Blueface back on the map and made him an even bigger star. Because if we are being real, “Thotiana” did not ride hard enough for him to still be famous, and she did not become famous with him. In a short period of time, Chrisean went from a beautiful young woman with an easily enviable athletic frame to a woman who has at least seven tattoos of a man’s image, including his face on her face, an absent tooth, and seems to be losing some of her athletic build due to an overconsumption of alcohol. 

Chrisean and Blueface feed each other, and their symbiotic and co-dependent relationship is almost too toxic to have a happy ending. In fact, I think we all know that hence why we are tuning in.

We live for the crash, because pretty cars get in wrecks too. 

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