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Bo Jackson Anonymously Paid the Funeral Costs for Uvalde Murder Victims

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Everyone knows that Bo knows, but now we see that Bo knows generosity.

On Thursday we all learned that Bo Jackson, one of the greatest athletes in sports history, helped pay for the funeral expenses of the victims of the Uvalde massacre.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old. It’s just not right for parents to bury their kids. It’s just not right,” he told The Associated Press. “I know every family there probably works their butts off just to do what they do…The last thing they needed was to shell out thousands of dollars for something that never should have happened.”

Jackson said he felt a connection to the city as he passes through it while driving to his friend’s ranch.

As it turns out, Jackson’s donation to cover the funeral expenses was done in secret three days after the shooting.

He and an unnamed friend flew to the town days after 19 children and 2 teachers were gunned down by a domestic terrorist while attending Robb Elementary School. There he presented a check for $170,000 to Teas Governor Greg Abbott to pay for all the funeral expenses.

Abbott disclosed it as an anonymous donation during a news conference that day for Jackson didn’t want the attention.

“We didn’t want media,” he said. “No one knew we were there.”

Bo hadn’t spoken about it publically before discussing it earlier this week.

“Uvalde is a town that sticks in your mind. Just the name,” Jackson said. “I don’t know a soul there. It just touched me.”

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