Baker Mayfield’s Vindication Shouldn’t Be Odell Beckham’s Villainization


Even before criticisms, analysis, forced passes and excuses, the reality was obvious.

The Odell Beckham Jr. trade to the Browns was a failure.

It was an arranged marriage that felt wrong from the beginning but they kept forcing it anyway, ultimately culminating in the divorce we witnessed last week.

And that was the best decision for all involved.

Yet while the separation between the parties was a necessary and welcome outcome, the responses in the aftermath were scaled more in favor of Baker Mayfield than Odell Beckham.

That’s a problem.

It started on Monday after Mayfield and the Browns ventured into Cincinnati and dominated the supposed new-look, on the rise Bengals, 41-16.

Media personalities were flush with Baker Mayfield highlights, praise and general love for Cleveland’s post-OBJ quarterback, who went 14-21 for 218 yards and 2 TDs in the destruction of the Bengals.

Interestingly, the Browns’ defense and ground game appeared as afterthoughts in Baker’s elevation and metaphoric placement under Diddy’s “God’s lights”.

“The reality is Baker Mayfield is a better quarterback without Odell Beckham Jr.” exclaimed Don Orlovsky on Get Up on Monday. “Kevin Stefansky is a better coach without a star receiver.

“Now, that’s not a knock on OBJ, but the ‘Baker Mayfield sucks’ crowd had a tough weekend.”

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