Poor Health and Check Cashing Places

First Two of 10 Things Destroying The Black Community

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I have been writing about things that are destroying the black community for quite some time. In this post, I will cover two of biggest issues here and in subsequent posts break down the other eight. I want to make sure we get informed, be proactive and eradicate the things that are keeping us away from living a successful life and having a more powerful community.

Number One: Unhealthy Eating Habits and Bad Healthcare

Our eating habits are killing us…financially and physically.

Sometimes, in the middle of a long day, I will sneak away to my favorite soul food restaurant in New York for some collard greens, macaroni and cheese, candied yams and short ribs. This restaurant, located in Harlem, is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. The food is amazing, but sometimes I know that I should not be ordering all of those fatty foods with a side of angioplasty!

I read that the No. 1 killer of African Americans is heart disease, No. 3 is stroke and No. 5 is diabetes. The death rate for diabetes for black people is 40 percent higher than for other races. More than 80 percent of all African Americans over the age of 45 have high blood pressure and African Americans suffer twice as many strokes as white Americans. These statistics are staggering to me, and as I have traveled across this country I have spoken to thousands of people, of all races, who are suffering from financial problems because of medical bills and poor health.

More than 60 percent of all bankruptcies are related to medical bills and many of them could have been avoided by just implementing a healthier lifestyle.

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