Afrika Bambaataa Will Soon Have to Answer Abuse Allegations in a Court of Law


Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation are being sued for the alleged sex trafficking of a 12-year-old boy in exchange for money.

According to Metropolis, John Doe’s lawyer filed the lawsuit on Aug. 4, 2021 — ten days before the deadline of the Child Victims Act (CVA).

The suit alleges the majority of assaults took place at Bambaataa’s home in The Bronx.

The residence also served as The Zulu Nation’s headquarters.

Back in 2016, Bambaataa, real name, Lance Taylor was accused by several men of sexually abusing them while they were minors. John Doe was not one of those men.

At the time, Bambaataa dismissed the allegations as a “cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy,” his statement to Rolling Stone reads. “I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone.”

The Zulu Nation, which Bambaataa founded in 1973, also published an open letter apologizing to the alleged victims of sexual abuse, namely, Ronald “Bee Stinger” Savage and Hassan “Poppy” Campbell.

“We wish now to make the consensus of the Universal Zulu Nation clear – our members worldwide speak through us in declaring that we unequivocally oppose child molestation and sexual exploitation and/or violence of any sort,” the statement reads in part. “In addition, we oppose concealing knowledge of assaults and protecting of violators, no matter who they are or what their statures may be. Furthermore, we oppose the use of character assassination, intimidation, or other coercive attempts to silence or manipulate accusers and others who would speak in their favor.

“We hear you, we believe you, and we stand with you,” they said at the time.

In a recent statement to Metropolis, the group reasserted its position.

“Nothing has changed since 2016 when these decades ago accusations first surfaced. This is a personal matter for Afrika Bambaataa and his lawyers to deal with and has absolutely nothing to do with the 10 year long UZN-DOCA mission, programs and projects which continue in the revolutionary legacy of both The Black Panther Party & The Young Lords Party to ‘Serve The People, Body & Soul,’” the group added.

Jon Doe is suing Bambaata and the Zulu Nation for assault, civil battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress and gross negligence.

Bambaataa is yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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