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‘Actively Black’ Partners With Marvel for New ‘Black Panther’ Collection

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Clothing brand Actively Black announced a new partnership with Marvel Studios in honor of the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

For the follow-up sequel to the hit movie Black Panther, Marvel and athletic-wear brand Actively Brand are launching three new collections with the first collection set to drop on Nov. 3. The other collections will follow closely behind with the Wakanda Athletic “Classic Collegian” and “Performance” collection set to be available on Nov. 12 and Nov. 25 respectively. 

The pieces in the collections include sweatpants, shirts, tights and hoodies in grey, purple and black- chosen in honor of the visuals and the costuming in the film. Phrases alluding to the movie, such as the “Wakanda Athletics” name, and references to the superhero’s costume are also referenced throughout the articles of clothing on tracksuits and hoodies. 

“The Black Panther franchise has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon and has served as a constant source of inspiration in developing Actively Black,” said founder Lanny Smith per HypeBeast. “Actively Black was created with the intention of uplifting and reinvesting in Black communities around the world, and we hope consumers feel a sense of strength and pride for our community when wearing and interacting with the brand.”

“Black Panther has had a profound and lasting impact on Black culture, and we are humbled to be a part of the film’s second chapter,” he added. 

Recently launched in 2020, Actively Black was created by the former University of Houston basketball player following the murder of George Floyd. In an interview with sports magazine Slam Online, Smith spoke about how companies’ response to the Black Lives Matter movement felt “performative” to him, so he set out to create an authentic company that focuses on community engagement. Through their collections, the clothing brand has already focused on drawing to light things such as mental and physical health in the Black community. 

“One of the things for Actively Black that I wanted to do was help share certain stories that often get overlooked or haven’t gotten their just due,” Smith said per Slam Online.

Now, with their latest partnership, Actively Black is tying itself to a movie that’s predicted to have a record-breaking debut upon release; according to Forbes, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s predicted to earn $175 million in its domestic debut. 

Early reactions to the movie by critics are already praising the movie and director Ryan Coogler for the “emotional journey throughout the film.” The film’s also drawing attention for its soundtrack; musician Rihanna recently dropped her first single in six years, “Lift Me Up,” as part of the new Black Panther soundtrack.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set for release and is available in theaters on Nov. 11.

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