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Zimbabwean Inventor, Maxwell Chikumbutso, Creates RF-Powered Cordless TV


Zimbabwe’s prolific inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso claims to have developed a cordless powered television set.

“It has no cables connected to it. It is self-powered. When you look at the rear end of the TV instead of the glossy front, what’s notable is that it doesn’t have any cables connected to it,” he tells the Herald.

Chikumbutso says the invention is powered from a radio frequency (RF) device called an MSED.

“It’s self powered and the TV uses green energy harnessed from RF using an electronic device we developed MSED. That’s where the world is going now. Free energy and self-powered wireless gadgets,” he explained.

“It produces 500w with 15Amps that means that TV can also power additional 2 x 100w light builds to light the house,” Chikumbutso said of the 55 inch UHD Samsung test television set. “Right now, we are miniaturizing the MSED to be smaller so that we can integrate it in cell phones, computers, laptops and decoders. It will be inside those devices now. Technology is moving to cordless electronic devices. That’s where we are going. This year we are moving and nothing will stop us.”

A new report published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) stated that approximately 600 million people are without electricity on the continent. The global population without access to electricity between 2010 and 2019 fell from 1.2 billion to 759 million.

The Saith Holdings Inc. founder previously made headlines inventing the world’s first-ever green power generator, which can produce electricity using RF technology. Chikumbutso’s other inventions include an electric-powered car and a multi-fueled helicopter.

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