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With Commanders Sale, the NFL Has 7 Black Team Owners


Thursday was the day all Washington football fans have been dreaming of since Daniel Snyder first started dragging the franchise down after acquiring it for $800 million in 1999.

Yesterday afternoon, 31 NFL team owners unanimously approved the sale of the Washington Commanders to Josh Harris, owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, for a record-setting $6.05 billion.

The historic sale ends the Daniel Snyder era, which will most likely be considered the worst team ownership tenure in NFL history.

Harris, who also owns equity stakes in the New Jersey Devils and the English Premier League’s Crystal Palace Football Club, was as excited as the long-suffering fan base.

“I’m going to be in Washington a lot,” said Harris in a press conference after the vote. “I need to be present, I’m going to be part of the community again. I’m really looking forward to coming home.

“This is incredibly important right now for this city and I’m going to be remembered for what I do in Washington, so that’s not lost on me. So I’m all in.”

That’s great news for Washington fans, who have been begging for Snyder’s removal for decades.

While Commanders’ fans celebrate, another fact that should be remembered is that Magic Johnson is part of Harris’ ownership team, which only strengthens the chances of the franchise’s revival under the new management team.

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